Guest Bloggers Needed!!

Hollaback! Gwynedd are grateful for all your contributions, stories shared and all the support you’ve shown for our site users who are taking a brave stand by reporting street harassment online. We’re now calling for a series of guest blogs on the theme of “How can we stop street harassment?” and would like you, our readers, to consider writing us a short piece- no more than 500 words- on what you think needs to change to make street harassment history.

Is it promising to be an active witness? Is it promising yourself that next time it happens, you’ll turn around and speak up? Is it promising that you’ll never let someone minimise the impact of street harassment when someone complains? Or anything else! Creative and non-written submissions are also welcome; feel more comfortable vlogging, writing a poem, singing, or drawing? Go for it!

Please email [email protected] to send in your submissions or ask any questions. We especially welcome Welsh-language or bilingual submissions.

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