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New submission from Annonymous

I was on a walk, and as I got near the Coleg Menai I noticed a guy walking his dog and talking to a girl, the girl crossed the road, and I wondered if it was to try and avoid having to talk to him any longer as they didn’t look like they were together. … Continued

New submission from Crempog

Group of people in sporty clothes by McDonald’s. I knew what I was putting myself in for. I knew the fact that they are bound to make comments over my appearance. I’m not judging the people around here, it’s just purely based on my past experiences. Today, for once in ages, I decided to have … Continued

Summer Ball

During the summer ball a friend and I were walking down College Road and a guy was having a wee on someone’s house. We told him to go find an alleyway, and he followed us down the road all the way to the Belle Vue shouting “you fucking queers” and acting in a very threatening … Continued

New submission from Annonymous

Me and my friends were on a cramped train. It had just happened to be the day of the races so there seemed to be a lot of roudy drunk people on the train making their way home. Me and my boyfriend ended up sitting opposit from a friendly looking couple who were just quietly … Continued

Guest Bloggers Needed!!

Hollaback! Gwynedd are grateful for all your contributions, stories shared and all the support you’ve shown for our site users who are taking a brave stand by reporting street harassment online. We’re now calling for a series of guest blogs on the theme of “How can we stop street harassment?” and would like you, our … Continued

harassment outside of Yates’

My friend and I were walking to the High St for a society event, at about 6pm. Outside Yates’ bar there were several men outside drinking and smoking. When we passed them, they started shouting lewd comments about various parts of our anatomy and continued until we’d turned the corner onto the High Street. [got_back]

New submission from Bryn Eithin Student

I was carrying back many heavy bags after a long field trip at about 5pm on the 8th of February while I was crossing the pedestrian crossing by Options when the green man was lit. I was about half way across the crossing when a white car containing many youths almost ran me over. I … Continued

Water Balloons

I was walking home when I was attacked with water balloons thrown from the windows of one of the large houses that are part of Menai View Terrace, instead of exploding and covering me with water, the overfilled balloons hit me in the head, nearly knocking me into the road and oncoming traffic. It left … Continued

New submission from Anon

Saw the guys buy fairy liquid from late stop. Get in their car, by the time we were by the Muse they were passing us. Squirting fairy liquid at us. It got my friend in the face, and in her eyes. They were shouting all kinds of slurs about us being students too. [got_back]

New submission from annonymous

Walking up to Main Arts from Lower Bangor one evening a month or so ago a group of about ten men (20-30)surrounded me near where the old S.U. stood, jeering. The one directly in front of me undid his trousers and took out his genitals saying “Do you want it then? What you deserve, dressing … Continued