The Hollaback! Gwynedd Team

Hollaback! Gwynedd is based out of Bangor University Students’ Union. We are led by four current students, who decided to come together and make our community a safer and more welcoming place! 


I’m an undergrad student in Psychology, this is my second year at Uni here in Bangor. I am currently Chair of the Women’s Society and am hoping to see it grow with people who are as excited and enthusiastic about activism as I am! This was a student’s final legacy to the SU; a lasting project with a real, clear impact on the lives of students and other people living in and around Bangor (in the county of Gwynedd) and I am glad to be part of it and carrying it on. I’m really excited to be involved in such an important effort and we hope our response to community and personal safety will herald a cultural shift in Bangor to one that doesn’t include any harassment.


I am the team’s resident Welsh speaker, and I’m currently doing a PGCE (teachers training course) in Secondary School Science, after doing my 3 years as a Biology Undergrad at Bangor. I’m also the Vice President Education & Welfare – Elect for 2012-13 at Bangor Students’ Union. On top of this, I was a Nightline volunteer and committee member whilst I was an undergraduate, and I assess Nightline across the UK for the Nightline Association. This project could make a massive impact on the lives of students and other Bangor residents, and I’m really looking forward to working to make sure that this happens!